our ethos

our working life

We are a small (but growing) business – besides Jess and Xandra, behind the scenes, we have people supporting The Natural Doctors working in PR, tech, social media and more. Our team are predominantly women and we work to support a culture of inclusivity, compassion and understanding.

We work with nice people – it’s a key criteria for us. We’ve found that we’ve surrounded ourselves with like-minded people – it’s almost happened by osmosis. We try to live good lives, and our team do too.

We believe in treating our colleagues with respect, supporting them and behaving with integrity; coming from a place where everyone has the space and trust to express themselves and be heard.

The clinic where Xandra and Jess see patients, in Poynton, is walking distance from Jess and Xandra’s homes. Being local to reduce travel emissions and support the local economy is important to both of them. The clinic is run using renewable energy and is certified carbon neutral, although they go beyond those guidelines to be as green as they can be.

All of our staff, both in our clinic and who work for The Natural Doctors are treated with fair working conditions and are paid at least a living wage, not a minimum wage. We try to help our staff work towards and achieve their goals even if it means they go on to greater things!

We aim to keep our carbon footprint low. We delete all emails we don’t need (you’d be amazed how much carbon keeping them consumes) and we try to use office software and tools that minimise this, where possible and of course, we only print where necessary, use recycled paper products and we even try to schedule any deliveries to be as environmentally conscious as possible.   

The Natural Doctors is hosted by at a green data centre in the UK, who use  100% renewable energy. We are cyber essentials certified and follow strict cyber security protocols to ensure your data is as safe as possible. We believe that you should have privacy and control of your own data and so you can choose to show as much, or as little of your profile as you like to other users. 

we are responsible and transparent about everything we do

our private lives

Jess and Xandra have believed in eating real, organic whole and seasonal foods for a very long time. 

They shop locally at farm shops, from organic box schemes and with small, independent retailers and try to ensure food miles are kept low. Many of our team do the same. Jess and Xandra own cars, but they are electric and are only used when necessary.

We use eco-friendly cleaning products and do what we can to make our homes free from plastics and toxins. We minimise food waste, composting what we can for our gardens, where we keep chickens, grow our own fruit, vegetables and herbs. We choose lasting, second-hand and ethical clothing where we can, and do not believe in consuming fast fashion. We always try to choose organic and natural skincare and haircare.

our donations

One of the main focal points that we talk about, is the food we eat. We truly believe that if people return to eating whole, natural and local organic foods, the health of the planet will improve in multiple ways:

  • We will feel better, with fewer health problems if we eat well
  • Animal welfare will improve, if we choose organic and non-intensively farmed, hormone and antibiotic-free meat
  • Soil condition will recover, if we choose to eat organic fruit, vegetables and grains, with fewer pesticides being used
  • Nature’s ecosystem will improve with fewer pesticides in the environment
  • Local wildlife will flourish if we stop intensive farming
  • Allergies will decrease with fewer pesticides, pollutants and toxins in the air
  • Food quality will improve, with better-nourished soil
  • Pollution will reduce if we eat from local suppliers and save food miles
  • Farming will become more profitable, if people choose to buy organic, high welfare food
  • We will rely less on imported food that our bodies were not designed to digest
  • More money spent in the local economy will make us all better off
  • With fewer preventable health problems, we will have more money to spend to support critical illness.
  • With a healthier society, we will be more productive in our work and home lives, boosting GDP
  • Greater GDP will improve the quality of life for us all

Changing our food is so powerful! 

In their personal lives, Jess and Xandra support the Soil Association, the Wildlife Trust and the Alliance For Natural Health, amongst others. 

We give 10% of our profits to charities aligned with the UN sustainable development goals, which support women, education, climate change, the environment, clean energy and hunger, famine and natural disasters, amongst other goals. Read more on our charities page.

As we grow, we intend to increase the percentage that we give, until we are able to operate as a not for profit trust, with all of our profits donated to good causes. We don’t believe in excessive wealth for anyone, and aspire to leave the world having done some good with a legacy that can continue beyond our own futures.