Get Better Posture For Greater Health And Happiness

we love good posture, it can change your life

In the UK, we sit for an average of nine hours a day and we drive for around 10 hours a week. The average person can’t go longer than 12 minutes without looking at a smartphone. Your posture is being affected by virtually everything in your everyday lifestyle. Better posture not only helps you feel better and stand taller, but it can also help to boost our immune system and give your mental energy a boost too!

Improving your posture is quick and easy to do, so long as you know what has gone wrong with your posture up until now.

Knowing your posture type is so important for getting the exercise you actually need. Exercises that will work specifically for you.

Xandra has created Realign, a transformational posture programme – live soon! It contains a unique quiz to help you discover more about your lifestyle and the causes of any back, joint and muscular pain you may be experiencing, and provides simple and proven ways to help improve your posture in just 12 minutes a day. Our realign programme is are tailored to your own specific posture type and feature a set of simple stretches and exercises that will help you to feel better fast. Fix your posture and feel better, look better and reduce your pain in under 90 days!

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