code of conduct


In summary, all our members are expected to treat others how they would like to be treated themselves. The Natural Doctors may feel like a similar space to other social media, but we do not behave and interact in the same way. We aim for The Natural Doctors community to be a safe space, free of judgement, where we would like everyone to be shown compassion, care and consideration.

To help guide you to understand the type of behaviour we encourage when interacting with others on The Natural Doctors, we have compiled a code of conduct. If you feel that someone is violating our code in a way that merits a review, please inform a moderator so that they can take action, if they deem it necessary to do so.

Our code of conduct is not intended to impose hard-hitting rules on behaviour. It is intended to make all our members think before they speak about the motivations behind all their actions, and how they interact with other members of our community, so that everyone can extract the greatest benefit from membership.

Every single one of us is at a different stage in our own journey of self-awareness and self-improvement. What upsets one person may be water off a duck’s back to another. Some of us are struggling and more sensitive to criticism, others more introverted, and some enjoy debate and opposing opinions. Our own journey is not the collective journey and each of us may react and behave differently or in a way that our own awareness and upbringing has not conditioned us to expect or anticipate.

So, we ask that our members firstly show themselves love, compassion and forgiveness. Then, if they feel able to, show others a similar level of love, respect and forgiveness. Finally, we ask you to present yourselves with authenticity. Not only within The Natural Doctors, but in all areas of your own life – it can help to foster those authentic, genuine connections that can help to make the world a better place.

  1. Consideration

When giving advice, check if it was requested and, if not, that the circumstances dictate that it is needed. That isn’t to say that you shouldn’t offer suggestions when interacting with fellow members, just be mindful before doing so. Sometimes we receive advice and solutions from others when all we really want is someone to listen to our woes? Sometimes we need to find the right answers and have the chance to figure things out for ourselves. Personal reflection and sharing stories can be one of the most powerful tools to help others. 

If you experience any perceived abusive, discrimination or triggering behaviour from another member, we recommend that you block them, and report it to us if you feel their actions require escalation to someone in our team.

  1. Privacy

Please respect people’s right to anonymity. They might be using their real name, or they might use a pseudonym. That’s okay. We all have the right to control our own privacy and personal information. Any contact or interaction outside of The Natural Doctors is at your own discretion, but please take the normal precautions to ensure your safety if you are meeting or disclosing personal information with someone you have only ever met online.

Some people are happy to talk openly about any problems or challenges they have whilst others are more private. Whilst we want to break down all taboos, we do appreciate that our members will have different views on this at different stages in their journey. To work as well as possible, we need to respect every members right to anonymity. 

  1. Compassion

We may all be quick to judge at times, but we encourage you to observe opposing views with compassion. It can be helpful to ask yourself what it was that made you feel or react a particular way and may help you to reframe your opinion of yourself and others with understanding, compassion and empathy. For most of us, the act of sharing our emotions or venting our feelings is cathartic – we  want a safe space to vocalise our frustrations. Listen with love and give people the space to speak their truth in a way that works for them even if you disagree.

This experiential sharing can be an amazing way to learn, and to see the world from a different perspective. If you are annoyed or upset by something that another member says we ask you to try and stick to healthy debate and avoid personal attacks or criticism if possible. If, of course, you still believe that what they are saying is truly abusive or judgemental, we suggest that you block them and report the matter to a member of our team.

4. Courage

We encourage you to be as honest as possible. This sometimes requires a lot of courage. We can feel we exist in a world where showing any form of weakness isn’t allowed. But asking for help may be the most empowering thing we can do it can connect us to someone else at a meaningful level. Deep talk is better than small talk every time! Over time, the power of real honesty accumulates and empowers us.

5. Positivity

Being positive is a choice for us all. While there may be times in our life where being positive can feel impossible, in our experience even the biggest traumas can change us in positive ways and shape us into more compassionate people. Spirituality or faith in the process can help you trust that you will come out the other side. Vocalising or writing down your hopes for your future can be the first step to making them a reality. Practicing gratitude is another way to get used to being more positive about you have got rather than what you lack. 

6. Authenticity

We admire people who are brave enough to be themselves. That means we encourage people to be happy with not being perfect and work on being their real, authentic selves. 

Authenticity is an important aspect on the journey of self-empowerment. We encourage you to honour it in yourself, and respect it in others. Being authentic does not mean using this as an excuse to cover behaviour that is upsetting to others, it means speaking your truth from an authentic, compassionate place.

7. Openness

We encourage all of our members to be open to others opinions. Our views may be right for us right now but this might changein ten years as we evolve, we are all at different stages of our journey. Approaching life with an open mind can be the best way to grow and learn from the thoughts, philosophies and experiences of others. You may find that this naturally leads to deeper, better, close relationships.

8. Purpose

We encourage you to try to find purpose and meaning in your life. The Natural Doctors mission is to offer accessible, high quality healthcare information to everyone, create a global community of likeminded individuals and to raise money to improve our planet, for future generations to enjoy.

By being a member of The Natural Doctors, these become part of your purpose too but we also suggest you use the goals section of your profile to set goals for the where you want to be in the next 1, 5 and 10 years  – they can be whatever you want them to be and as large or as small as you choose. We find setting goals a powerful strategy to move us forward in life.

9. Empathy

As part of an online community, it can be difficult to get a sense of how someone is truly feeling or how they are perceiving your words. People might still not understand how you are feeling, and it is equally as hard for us to get a real picture of how others are feeling too. In our experience most people simply wish for their feelings to be acknowledged or for their problems to be listened to. We encourage you to listen with a kind and compassionate mindset. Sometimes people may not even be willing or ready to talk at a time when you are, and they might not welcome intrusive questioning, so please bear this in mind when interacting with other members, at all times. 

10. Independence

We welcome free thinkers and recognise we are all beautifully unique when it comes to equality. We hope our content empowers you to make up your own mind and be your own best health and life coach. By choosing what you believe and how you wish to live your life you free yourself to become more present in the moment.